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Who are we?

We are Timur Ruban, Igor Roshchin, and Marat Fayzullin, a group of friends who decided to create a site on the Net for the people whose interests are similar to ours. We welcome people who want to build their own "worlds" on the Net. If you are one of them, and have something interesting to put out for the public usage, feel free to contact Timur ("tima 'at'") and ask him for a place at KOMKON.

In order to maintain this server, we also provide commercial services in creation and maintenance of WWW pages and FTP archives. If you like our WWW design and would like us to create and maintain a WWW site for your company, contact Timur ("tima 'at'") to talk about the terms.

At this site:

Our Public Library. A lot of books in both Russian and English (mostly in Russian though). You will need KOI8 drivers in order to read Russian documents. These drivers are available from our Tools directory.
Jokes, anecdotes, and other humorous documents in both Russian and English. You will need KOI8 drivers in order to read Russian documents. These drivers are available from our Tools directory.
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Information about concerts, KSP-related events; archives of Bards'("author's") songs, related catalogs, audio files, and other related information.
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The Artpalace
A collection of unique artworks, created by artists from the former USSR and other countries of the world.
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#Russian IRC channel
An "official" FTP site of the #russian channel. Pictures of #russian regulars, etc. If you consider yourself a #russian regular, you can submit your picture to ("marat 'at'") for inclusion into the archive. Please, try to keep it in .GIF format, undithered, < 70kB.
The Emul8! archive
Historical Computing and Emulation section. Contains MSX, Coleco, GameBoy, Spectrum, etc. emulators, documentation, and software.
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PUG Pentax Users Gallery
A gallery of images produced by the members of the Pentax-Discuss list.
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Pentax Lens Gallery
This gallery aims at documenting particular aspects (such as bokeh and flare) of Pentax and related third-party lenses that cannot easily be quantified by numbers, but might be illustrated with images.
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These are the homepages of people at KOMKON. Administration does not bear any responsibility for their content, although it does attempt to keep them in the bounds of reasonable decency.

Our ftp server.

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